Engage your Intuition, Transform your Life

Engage your Intuition, Transform your Life

I imagine you’re here because you are curious. You may also be looking for support in navigating the waters of life – be it your professional life, relationships, fully living your purpose, or navigating an intense transition.

I coach, teach and empower women and men to engage their intuition, put themselves at the center of their lives, and trust themselves. I am inspired by the dragonfly and I hope you will be, too.

Intuitive Life Coaching supports you in living from your deepest knowing and using that knowing to inform the decisions you make on a daily basis. Choosing to live in this way ignites transformation – a living, breathing and sometimes seemingly chaotic process that allows you to release and mourn what no longer serves and birth what serves your life NOW, TODAY. Intuitive life coaching requires a 3-12 month commitment. If you’d like to explore this kind of ongoing work, please book a free 30-minute exploratory session.

Intuitive readings, Energy Body Alignment, and flower essence blends lend support on your life journey. They allow the wisdom of Source energy, your Higher-Self, and Guides to gently guide your transformational process. These modalities allow beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve to fall away and new ones that serve your life, now, to emerge. You can book these appointments as needed, no long-term commitment necessary. I offer a special discount for new clients and a 25% discount for pre-paying 3 sessions.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

Emilah Dawn DeToro, M.Ed.
Intuitive Life Coach

  • I Wish I Didn’t Know… As a coach, I was trained to ask empowering questions. Questions that made my clients pause and go deeper; identifying some awareness or understanding that lies just underneath the radar. Whether asked sweetly and with care or sharply, with laser-like precision, empowering questions get to the heart of the matter. One of the most powerful questions ...