Your Story

Women drawn to working with me share some or all of these characteristics…

  • You’ve done the “right” things (personally and professionally). You’ve climbed the corporate ladder, built a successful career/business, married the “right” person (and maybe divorced him/her)…but contentment and happiness elude you.
  • You are in the midst of a life transition or a meltdown spiritual awakening and you need some unconditional support and guidance.
  • You yearn for your inner and outer worlds to be aligned. From the outside, it looks like you live a great life. But inside? You know something has to change.
  • You’re both intuitive and intellectual; pretty darn successful, too.
  • You’re no stranger to self-reflection, and have explored and embraced personal, spiritual or professional growth practices: therapy, meditation, contemplative prayer, coaching, self-help books and workshops, etc.  You know yourself and how your history impacts you.
  • You’ve been putting other people first for a good long while. It’s time to put yourself at the center of your life – in a kind, compassionate, committed way.
  • You might be considered an introvert or a Highly Sensitive Person, although you might not have thought about yourself in these terms before.
  • You have experience with or are open to energetic healing modalities like homeopathy, flower essences, Energy Body Alignment, Reiki, or any number of others.


You have been on this journey a while and intend to keep at it, living a richer, more satisfying life with every passing year.


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