Work with Me

Let me cut to the chase. Working with me is not for the faint-of-heart.
But it is life-changing.

Transformation requires a period of destruction before your new life is revealed. It ignites change in both your inner and outer worlds. It requires living in the unknown for a while, using your inner guidance to navigate, and taking exquisite care of yourself.

For those courageous enough to embark on this journey, the rewards are delightful!  Your inner and outer worlds align. You find meaning and pleasure in work and play. You won’t even recognize yourself when it’s over. The dragonfly doesn’t even resemble the nymph.


Intuitive Life Coaching with Emilah Dawn DeToroLife Coaching

Coaching with me engages both your intellect and intuition. You are deeply and unconditionally heard, gently and firmly challenged, and through this, inspired to act in life changing ways.  Come explore working with me…

Intuitive readings, hands-on energy healingIntuitive & Energy Work

Energy Body Alignment (EBA)
Intuitive Readings



Workshops & retreats with Emilah dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life CoachWorkshops & Retreats

Women’s coaching circles, workshops, and retreats nourish your soul, stimulate your intellect and initiate life-changing action. New friends and insights emerge from coming together in these ways. Won’t you join us?