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Praise: Life Coaching

Testimonial for Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach, by Julika PrenzelGood coaching requires abilities that are rare in themselves, even more so combined. Analytical intelligence paired with empathic and intuitive skills. True curiosity, openness and deep listening. Patience, and the guts to interrupt and challenge – with softness, insistence and persistence. Humor is the “salt in the soup”. It reminds us to take things – and ourselves – less seriously and live more lightly. Emilah is one of those rare coaches that has them all.

Emilah coached me for nearly one year – the most transformative year of my life – within which I made major outward and inward changes. Every single session with Emilah was insightful and sustainably helpful. —Julika Prenzel, Berlin, Germany


Testimonial for Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach, by Shauneen PeteI recognized that I was about to undertake some heavy emotional and spiritual work and that Emilah could play a role in my change process. I recognized that her twinned strengths as an intuitive and coach would help me press through some of the old stuff that it was time to examine and let go.

During a tough period, I reached out to Emilah. I overcame my fear that I wasn’t worthy of support. Whew tough work…but I am free and opportunities are starting to flow in.  Funny isn’t it…how quickly we can begin to heal when we allow ourselves to?   —Dr. Shauneen Pete, Regina, SK, Canada


Testimonial for Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach by Joy MurphyEmilah DeToro is a masterful coach. By honoring my spirit, challenging my thinking and reflecting back what she sees, hears and senses from me, Emilah has helped me gain awareness of my greatest strengths and motivations as well as the shadows and self-created resistance that has held me back.

The addition of Emilah’s flower essence mixes into our work and my life have been a beautiful enhancement.  They always strike just the right note for what I need in a moment or phase — whether that is to feel more grounded, strong, open, light, or powerful.    —Joy Murphy, Manhattan, NY


Testimonial fro Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach by Terrie LewineWorking with Emilah, I experience empathy. I experience more of mySELF in how she listens and offers feedback, thoughts, feelings, translations, etc. Working with her, I experience calm acceptance.

I enjoy Emilah’s humor, even in the hard conversations and moments. I enjoy that she shares about her life and her experiences without making the session about her. I think Emilah contributes a combination of acceptance, heartfulness, strength, wisdom, curiosity and joy to our sessions.        —Dr. Terrie Lewine, Philadelphia, PA


Testimonial for Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach, by Pernille PlantenerEmilah has been a great support for me through an almost complete turn-over in my life: Leaving my former profession and job, becoming self-employed, becoming ready to leave the place where I have been living the past 22 years and even more important: Daring to choose the path of authenticity.

The presence and care I have experienced from Emilah has enabled me to be with strong emotions, which has led to lasting changes and more peace of heart. I experience Emilah as present, honest, caring and wise. She has a lot on her palette and offers it generously.   —Pernille Plantener, Korsoer, Denmark


Testimonial fro Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach, by Jeannine McSorleyEmilah creates the safe space for deep insights to surface and for personal transformation and evolution to occur.  Working with her heightened my intuition.  She holds a clear, intuitive space which allowed answers to come to and through me clearly.

Emilah works with her clients from a place of empowerment.  She holds each of her clients as already whole and champions them to own their power.   —Jeannine McSorley, Columbia, SC


Testimonial by Pat Kirkland for Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life CoachEmilah takes the threads of pain and weaves them into a pattern I can recognize. This helps me grow into profound realizations about myself and the way I am in the world.

Her vast experience of moving through spiritual, emotional and physical transformation allows her to bring all of herself to our sessions and offer a depth of empathy and insight that liberates my soul.  —Pat Kirkland, Austin, TX


Praise: Intuitive & Energy Work

Jule FreemanEmilah is my absolute “go to woman” when I am faced with challenges and in need of healing. Her loving presence and gentle, supportive work never fails to meet my need in the moment. Jule Freeman, Los Lunas, NM


 Testimonial for Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach, by Kendra GoldenI have used flower essences several times while working with Emilah. I have come to think of them as my “behind the scenes” support while working to make changes in my life. The essences helped me to keep moving forward to make shifts in what I was doing and how I was doing them.  Kendra Golden, Albuquerque, NM


 Anita AmstutzEmilah is a deeply compassionate and intuitive presence to all who come to her. She has finely honed her native gifts and acquired skills as a counselor, healer, coach, teacher. As an energy worker, Emilah has helped me move some blocks and painful memories in my body so I can live more whole-heartedly! She has a gentle and powerful way of aligning energy in the body.   —Anita Amstutz, Albuquerque, NM


Testimonial for Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach, by Joy MurphyI’ve been working with Emilah for over two years now and am grateful for every session we have ever had. In addition to being a masterful and generous coach, her gifts as an intuitive and EBA practitioner have provided me with experiences that are all at once amazing, healing, and profound.

Within a few moments of connecting by phone, I feel the waves of healing energy begin to vibrate through my body. Each session is unique. Sometimes we do intuitive work, sometimes we use transformational coaching to explore challenges that surface during the session, and sometimes we just let the energy do its thing. But every time I leave the session feeling more connected, supported, empowered, aligned and alive than before we began.  —Joy Murphy, Manhattan, NY