Intuitive Readings

Sometimes, when your life is unraveling or your mind is tied up in a knot, you just need to find your center. Intuitive readings can be grounding, inspiring and healing experiences because they offer you a different perspective – that of your higher self and spirit guides. They get you out of your head and into your Self (your center). The result?  We create space for healing, information and wisdom that supports your whole being – body, mind and spirit.

I am an intuitive generalist and work in the following areas:

  • Work/career decisions and dynamics
  • Relationship & family dynamics
  • Health & well-being (physical, emotional, intellectual)
  • Pet health and behavioral issues, including animal communication
  • Communicating with your spirit guides and angels
  • General decision-making where you are experiencing confusion or indecision


Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Readings

My intention is to help you find clarity and understanding so you can take aligned action.
 Your path is your own; while I share wisdom and information from these sources, you decide what to do. If you wish, I can provide both practical and intuitive guidance to help you navigate and integrate the information you receive.