Life Coaching

Life coaching supports you in getting unstuck, finding clarity, and embracing the courage to act from that clarity. Through our work together, you are empowered to engage your intuition and your intellect as a team in order to free yourself to live in greater alignment with your soul’s calling. This is true leadership and can be applied to all areas of your life, your personal and professional relationships, and your work.

In sessions, we integrate coaching, intuitive development practices, and energy healing modalities. Working with the body, mind and spirit in this way helps you step into the flow of life, move through the inevitable transition, and birth your authentic self.

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Intuitive Life Coaching, Emilah Dawn DeToro


Benefits of life coaching:

  • A renewed sense of self
  • Clarity of purpose arising from your deeply held values
  • Concrete action steps to anchor your new awareness
  • Release old belief systems and the not-so-helpful behaviors that arose from them
  • Courage to step boldly into your true self
  • Accountability systems to help you recognize progress


Wondering about the difference between life coaching and therapy?
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