Emilah’s Essences

A line of flower essences to awaken your intuition and support your transformation.


A form of homeopathy, flower essences work with the body’s electrical system. Each flower essence holds the essential nature of the flower; all of its strengths and the lessons it has learned. Our body uses this information to activate deep healing.

Creating powerful, personalized energetic remedies by combining multiple flower essences is my specialty.  These custom blends have quietly and easefully dissolved fear and resistance and opened clients to new possibilities. They are a nourishing companion to Intuitive Life Coaching and Energy Body Alignment.

Emilah’s Essences is line of 10 pre-mixed flower essences that support you in moving through common human experiences like mourning, moving through transition, and learning to play. The full collection includes 10 essences. Read descriptions of each one and buy them here.

A line of flower essences to awaken your intuition and support your transformation.

Throughout the ages, flower essences have helped humans and their pets:

  • decrease fear and anxiety
  • adjust to a new home
  • integrate new experiences or change of any kind
  • navigate change with ease
  • release and integrate feelings stored in the body
  • grieve
  • learn to play and embrace our inherent freedom
  • address behavioral issues (pets)
  • heal illnesses
  • reduce physical pain
  • support any transition process, including death
  • heal, release, integrate just about anything…

Flower Essences have always been about spiritually evolving
while remaining grounded in our physical bodies.
Molly Sheehan, owner, Green Hope Farm

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