Emilah’s Essences

A line of flower essences to awaken your intuition and support your transformation.

A line of flower essences to awaken your intuition and support your transformation.


Flower Essences have always been about spiritually evolving
while remaining grounded in our physical bodies.
~ Molly Sheehan

A form of homeopathy, flower essences work with the body’s electrical system. Each flower essence holds the essential nature of the flower; all of its strengths and the lessons it has learned. Our body uses this information to activate deep healing.

Creating powerful, personalized energetic remedies by combining multiple flower essences is my specialty. I purchase flower essence stock from Green Hope Farm in Meriden, NH and intuitively mix them to create custom blends.

Emilah’s Essences is line of 10 pre-mixed flower essences that support you in moving through common human experiences like mourning, moving through transition, and learning to play. The full collection includes 10 essences. Read descriptions of each one and buy them here.

I also offer custom mixes to support your transformational process. These custom mixes have quietly and easefully dissolved fear and resistance and opened clients to new possibilities. Permission to read your energy field is required for me to make a custom mix.

Flower essences have nourished me through many an emotional crisis like the loss of beloved pets, changes in relationships, and navigating difficult work situations. They have supported the physical realignment of my body when I have been in accidents, thrown out my lower back and SI joint, or simply overdid it during a yoga class. In other words, they continuously support me in moving into alignment with my highest good! You can expect this kind of support and more.

Pets respond extremely well to flower essences. Flower essences can help:

  • decrease their anxiety
  • help them adjust to a new home
  • integrate a new animal into my home
  • address behavioral issues
  • heal illnesses
  • support their transition (death process)

Emilah’s mixes always strike just the right note
for what I need in a moment or phase.
~ Joy Murphy, Manhattan, NY

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What exactly are flower essences?

Flower essences work with our body’s electrical and energetic systems. We engage in the world as energetic as well as physical beings. We know when a person or place feels good or not; we know this without language or physical contact. We know this because we are using our electrical and energetic systems to sense the world around us.

On a very practical level, Emilah’s Essences are a mix of vinegar and pure water infused with the essence of a flower and red shiso (a plant that serves as a stabilizer and turns the essences pink). The flower essence mixture holds the essential nature (or essence) of the flower; all of it’s strengths, the lessons it has learned, it’s ability to adapt to it’s environment, etc.

Read more about Flower Essences in general at the Flower Essence FAQ page.