Energy Body Alignment

Energy Body Alignment is coaching for the energy body. Our energy bodies hold the blueprint of our most evolved self as well as our stuck patterns and belief systems. Energy Body Alignment allows your being to align itself with what is life-serving through a process of releasing and rewiring the body’s sacred geometries and neuropathways. It supports the  integration of new beliefs and behaviors into all sheaths of the body.

Energy Body Alignment, Hands on Energy Healing

Outcomes clients have experienced include:

  • Pain relief (physical & emotional)
  • Choicefulness in decision making (rather than responding habitually)
  • Clarity regarding life situations
  • Decreased feelings of anxiety and fear
  • Increased comfort with uncertainty and the unknown (especially when in transition)
  • Sense of peace, calm and trust in the flow of life

As with any healing modality, individuals get the best results when coming for regular sessions – particularly when they are transmuting deeply held patterns and beliefs. One session is helpful for stress reduction and to initiate a change process. Multiple sessions offer ongoing support and produce lasting change.