My Coaching Palette

Each coaching client uniquely blends these “colors” into sessions that serve them; sometimes by conscious choice, sometimes intuitively.

    • Coaching for Transformation: By asking empowering questions, I’ll encourage you to go deep, explore, and resurface with a new sense of Self. Action steps to anchor in your new awareness become clear and you become willing to do them.
    • Presence Based Coaching: Using somatic exercises and mindfulness practices, I’ll help you locate yourself in and explore the present moment – the only place change can occur.
    • Nonviolent Communication (NVC): By identifying and engaging with the universal human needs (values) that give your life meaning, you’ll create touchstones to help with decision-making and allow strategies to emerge that serve you and all life.
    • Energy Body Alignment: We coach the body to align itself with what is life-serving using a hands-on energy healing a process of releasing and rewiring the body’s sacred geometries and neuropathways.
    • Guided meditations and exercises to help you 1) hear, see, feel, and experience intuitive guidance, 2) identify actions arising from guidance, and 3) cultivate courage to act on what you know.
    • Book recommendations.
    • Action items that arise from our conversations and your guidance.
    • The accountability systems you need to see progress.