I Wish I Didn’t Know…


As a coach, I was trained to ask empowering questions. Questions that made my clients pause and go deeper; identifying some awareness or understanding that lies just underneath the radar. Whether asked sweetly and with care or sharply, with laser-like precision, empowering questions get to the heart of the matter. One of the most powerful […]

Musings on Fluidity, Intuition, Courage and Grace


It’s mid-January and I’m feeling a bit disoriented. Most years, I do a lot of year-end review and new-year intention setting between the solstice and new year. Then, on the first Sunday in January, I participate in the White Stone Ceremony at Unity Spiritual Center¬†to hear a new “name” or “word” that will guide my […]

2013 Round-up: Engaging Intuition and Faith

2013 Round-up: Engaging Intuition & Faith. Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach

I spent a lot of 2013 diligently engaging intuition and faith. Most mornings, I listened for guidance – ways to spend my time that would be for the highest good of the Universe. I practiced trusting that what I heard, no matter how odd, would turn out OK when I acted on it. The majority […]

Be the Dragonfly: Using Intuition to Take Flight (2015)

Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coaching Packages

8-session Women’s Coaching Circle: 2015 dates TBA (will meet every other week) The Source: 3536 Anderson Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106     You’re ready, aren’t you. To live a life ever more aligned with your insides. To change gracefully into the person you know you are. To use intuition to guide your decision making. […]

The Dragonfly Diaries

The Dragonfly Diaries, Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach

The Dragonfly Diaries is a facilitated Women’s Coaching Circle for those wishing to receive ongoing support for engaging intuition and taking action on the guidance they receive. I have taught several women’s circle focused on understanding and accepting one’s own ways of knowing and gaining intuitive and psychic skills.The Dragonfly Diaries takes them one step further by empowering women to support each other in using intuition and guidance in all aspects of their lives.