Audio Course: Cultivating Relationships with Your Higher Self, Guides & Angels

Curious about what guides and angels are and how they can support you?
Wondering how to connect to the wisdom of your higher self?
Already working with guides, but wanting to fine tune your process?
Wanting to explore these ideas in a safe, playful space?

Then join me for this six-session recorded women’s circle where we explore how to use the wisdom of your higher self, guides and angels to create a more satisfying, fulfilling life.

Cultivating Relationships with your higher self, guides and angels, Emilah Dawn DeToro

This audio course includes sessions 1-6 of a tele-course I offered in February 2014 and a PDF Practice & Resource Guide. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a coupon for $25 off a private session with Emilah.

During the first session, which you can download for separately*, we explored our unique mode of hearing, seeing, feeling and experiencing guidance, and we talked about things like “What exactly is a higher self, guide and angel and how can they help me?!?”

In the remaining 5 sessions, which you can also download for free*, we explore how to use the wisdom of our higher self, guides and angels to create a more satisfying, fulfilling life. Here’s what we cover:

  • Session 2: Creating, holding and releasing sacred space and identifying when you are connected to your guides.
  • Session 3: The art of asking and expressing the guidance you receive.
  • Session 4: Interpreting the guidance you receive.
  • Session 5: Receiving and interpreting guidance, and questions from the live group on muscle testing and animal communication.
  • Session 6: Learning to trust guidance (including discerning the difference between guidance and ego), taking action, and crafting a long-term relationship with your Higher Self, Guides & Angels.

These audios include check-ins and questions from participants (with their permission) as well as lecture. It  is chock full of guided meditations, exercises, and tips that increase your capacity to safely and confidently connect with your higher self, guides and angels. There are also several spontaneous conversations about muscle testing, animal communication, ascension, and more.

Developing a relationship with your higher self and guides is a process, not unlike the process of building relationships with other humans. It takes patience, practice and curiosity. This audio course gives you all the tools you need; just add you!

Download the 50-minute first session free*.

Download the full audio course for free*.

* Please note: Gumroad, the company that hosts this series, uses a $0+ system. You can download the series for free ($0) or give a love offering (+).  I am HAPPY to offer this series at no cost to you even though the system will ask for a donation.

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