6th Annual Women’s Winter Retreat

Composting 2018, Co-Creating 2019

Women's Winter Retreat, Emilah Dawn DeToro

This retreat is near an dear to my heart. However, I will not be offering it in the foreseeable future.

Winter. A time of going inward. A time of deep rest where the lessons of the previous year are composted in order to fertilize new, spring growth. Come join me for an intimate exploration of yourself – your inner world and outer expression. Claim the successes and compost the losses of 2018. Then put it all in the cauldron to co-create YOUR 2019.

During these accelerated times, we are deeply supported when we take a day to slow down, go inward, and open the space for our deepest and highest selves to be heard.

Emailh Dawn DeToro's Annual Women's Winter Retreat

This 1-day Women’s Winter Retreat is an opportunity to gather and connect around our experiences of 2018 and set intentions for 2019. Over the course of the day we will “take stock” of where we are in a variety of areas of our lives (relationships, work, finances, spiritual practice) and articulate what we’d like to birth in the spring. A variety of modalities including guided meditation, vision boards, focused journaling, group discussion, movement, and play will be used. Coffee, tea, and a healthy lunch provided.

  • Connect more deeply to your human AND divine self.
  • Release behaviors and beliefs that are no longer serving your highest good; call in ones that are.
  • Create your personal vision & mission for 2019.
  • Create sustainable intentions and identify the next right steps to actualize your vision.
  • Be witnessed and held by a community of women as you deepen into yourself and begin the process of blooming.

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