Change Gracefully: Using Intuition as Your Guide

This is a a one-day or weekend retreat, based, in part, on principles that are at the core of all spiritual traditions. During our time together, we will:

  • Explore the relationship between grace, change, intuition, and faith.
  • Discover how tapping into intuition can support you in moving through change with ease and grace.
  • Connect, be nourished, and return to yourselves in a prayerful and playful way.

Change Gracefully: Using Intuition as Your Guide, EMilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach

Our time will be filled with introspection, small group activities, movement, rest, and play. Participants explore questions like:

  • What is grace to you?
  • What does change mean to you? How do you relate to change: large and small, expected and unexpected?
  • What scares or excites you about approaching change using your intuition and faith?

We explore the process of transformation and identify where we are in the transformational process in different areas of our lives (work, relationships, health &well-being, spirituality, etc.).

We also explore intuition – how it is defined by different people and belief systems, and most importantly, how it works! We debunk myths, dissolve fear, and open to our highest knowing by exploring questions like:

  • How is intuition similar to or different than God’s Will?
  • How can we listen to the body to hear intuition?
  • What gets in the way of using intuition in your daily life?
  • Why is it especially hard to access intuition in times of intense change?

Finally, we integrate our learning through creative expression (art, dance, song, and poetry), listen for the next steps in our lives, and celebrate our intuitive knowing.

Please contact me to sponsor this workshop in your city or organization!


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