Be the Dragonfly: Using Intuition to Take Flight

8-session Women’s Coaching Circle: Not scheduled for 2018


Be the Dragonfly: Using Intuition to Take Flight. Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach


You’re ready, aren’t you. To live a life ever more aligned with your insides. To change gracefully into the person you know you are. To use intuition to guide your decision making. To overcome the fear and anxiety of living from the inside out. To open your dragonfly wings in the midst of daily life and take flight. To do all this with the support and care of other women.

I’ve been on this journey of living from the inside out for many years. Now, I’m coaching, teaching and empowering women to Be the Dragonfly. To put themselves, their intuitive guidance, and their dreams at the center of their lives and take flight.

In this Women’s Coaching Circle, we’ll increase our capacity to:

  • listen, trust, and act on intuitive guidance in all areas of our lives
  • know how intuition works and when it doesn’t
  • discern between intuition, ego and stories we tell ourselves
  • live wholeheartedly, as defined by Brene Brown in The Gifts of Imperfection
  • gracefully navigate the waters of change
  • find comfort in the unknown; be comfortable not knowing (letting go of control:-)
  • safely journey into the world of healing energy, psychic phenomenon, and spirit guides
  • energetically align with our highest good
  • compassionately connect with and support other women

Over this 16-week period, you’ll work with a specific issue (or a few issues) related to your career, relationships, psychic/spiritual development, sexuality, or self-care. You’ll apply the tools we learn to navigate the issue(s) and take action – transforming yourself and your life in plain sight.



We’ll be a family of our own making, sharing our lives, processes, and progress. Learning from and supporting each other each step of the way. Our circle time will include discussion on the reading, individual and group exercises, movement, group coaching, and creative expression. We’ll explore and integrate a variety of resources including:

  • Emilah’s teachings on intuitive development
  • Excerpts from >Brene Brown’s books & TED talks
  • Aspects of David Emerald’s The Power of TED* (The Empowerment Dynamic)
  • Meditation & centering practices that increase our capacity to hear intuitive guidance

Let me be clear; it’s a commitment. You’ll have daily practices that rely on using intuition and putting yourself at the center of your life. You’ll also have support. You’ll have group coaching opportunities, and discounted one-on-one coaching with me.

This is your opportunity to allow your dragonfly wings to emerge. Will you take it?


What you get with the whole shebang:

  • 18 hours of juicy women’s circle time
  • Practices, tools, and tips for cultivating intuitive guidance and psychic awareness
  • Opportunities to put your new skills to work in your life
  • 25% off private sessions with Emilah during the 16 weeks and for a month after the course ends.
  • The confidence and tools to transform and take flight!


Please contact Emilah with any questions!

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