The Dragonfly Diaries

This series is not being offered in 2018


The Dragonfly Diaries, Emilah Dawn DeToro, Intuitive Life Coach

The Dragonfly Diaries is a facilitated Women’s Coaching Circle for those wishing to receive ongoing support for engaging intuition and taking action on the guidance they receive. I have taught several women’s circle focused on understanding and accepting one’s own ways of knowing and gaining intuitive and psychic skills.The Dragonfly Diaries takes them one step further by empowering women to support each other in using intuition and guidance in all aspects of their lives.

Engaging your intuition transforms your life. Yet, the process of transformation is challenging when we go it alone, as the dragonfly story suggests. Every one of us has been through challenges, tragedy and loss. Every one of us faces hard decisions – leaving a relationship, changing jobs, letting go of control of a situation, to name a few. But we don’t need to go it alone.

Women are wired for connection; connection makes us stronger, more courageous, and more willing to put ourselves out in the world. Yes, we, individually, need to make decisions and choose to act. As a group, we can support, empower and nourish each other so we don’t feel so alone during our transformation process.

The bottom line? The Dragonfly Diaries is an opportunity to receive the support you need while implementing the tools and skills developed in the previous workshops. We will be mentoring and encouraging each other to step more fully into our power by using intuition and psychic information as our guides. We’ll talk about how intuition is showing up in your life; what you’re hearing, what scares you, where you are stuck, and what you need to move forward. We’ll identify topics for further learning and dive in.

The Dragonfly Diaries is a primarily a coaching circle. You’ll learn to coach and empower each other around hearing and following intuition. You’ll receive coaching on issues that arise in your life and how to engage and act on your intuition more fully. Yes, Emilah will teach; but the topics will come from the experiences of applying our intuition to daily lives rather than from a pre-designed curriculum.

Our time together will be a mix of group discussion/learning, paired intuitive coaching exercises, and 1:1 coaching with Emilah. We are going to get up close and personal, ladies, by holding each other accountable for listening to and acting on what we hear, see feel and experience.

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