My Work is My Work: A Dance with Simplicity & Integrity

Over the years I’ve discovered simplicity is satisfying, easeful and offers a clarity that helps me thrive.

This year (2011), I’ve discovered a simplicity around the my offering to the world: my work is my work; no matter how I label it.

When I work with someone, either in a long-term coaching relationship or simply for a session or two, I draw from the same modalities (coaching skills, my intuitive sense, energetic or hands on healing, compassionate communication (NVC), tarot, flower essences, etc.)

The primary difference is the nature and length of the relationship.  Is the person working with me long term to experience support and clarity while moving through a transition (coaching)?  Are they seeing me as they are called to gain understanding, clarity and healing around a specific topic (energy work and intuitive sessions)?

In either case, my work is my work: I listen, offer deep, whole-body empathy, intuit, ask what modalities would best serve life, and employ those modalities.  Healing happens.  Transformation happens.  Understanding and clarity arise.

While I was able to integrate this concept in sessions with clients, I never really found a way to integrate it into my pricing and packages.  The result was a complicated, bifurcated pricing structure (one price for coaching, a sliding scale for intuitive and energy work) that didn’t sit well with me.

Coaching clients who committed to long-term work with me often paid MORE than clients who simply called for an appointment when they needed one and paid within the sliding scale.  But I couldn’t see how to integrate the coaching pricing structure with my intuitive work pricing structure.  So, without a clear alternative, I stayed with it.

Thankfully, an alternative has emerged!
Beginning January 1, 2012, I will have one base rate.

$125 per hour (+ GRT if you live in NM).

It doesn’t matter what we do in a session.

It doesn’t matter what we call it.

We meet, healing happens, you pay $125/hr (+ GRT if you live in NM).



If you choose to work with me in a coaching style (pre-pay for a minimum of six, 1-hour sessions), you receive a 25% discount.


  • Because I witness incredible positive changes in the lives of people who choose this route.
  • Because I want to make this kind of deep transformation affordable.
  • Because I love long-term work best.
  • Selfish? Sure.
  • To your benefit?  Absolutely!

In May, I posted a blog article about how much I value sliding scales and today I wonder “What happened to that?”  Honestly, I STILL value sliding scales.  Everything I wrote is still true. AND, I’m coming to value simplicity and sustainability (financial sustainability and the sustainability of life transformations) more.

I guess it’s about integrity as well as simplicity…what happens in my sessions is now in integrity with the cost of the sessions and the values that guide my life.  Ah, a sigh of relief. My body softens. My mind is clear and silent on the issue.

“But what about ME?” you ask…”It’ll cost me MORE to see you now and again!”

I trust, as I always have, that if someone is meant to work with me, a way will be made.  Listen for your way and follow it. It’s simpler than you think.


p.s. Over the course of the next few weeks, you’ll start to notice my website changing to reflect this change.  If you are an active client, I’ll be contacting you directly to talk about how this affects our current agreement.


p.p.s. I’d love to hear what comes alive for you hearing about this change in the comments section below.  Engage me!

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