Flower Essences: A Tool for Easeful Transformation

I LOVE Green Hope Farm Essences! I discovered them in 2005 when I went to see Carolyn Calisto at the Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium for an Energy Balancing & Clearing session. At the end of the session, she sent me home with an energetic mist to spray on my body a few times a day that was made from GHF Essences. Their gentle angelic energy offered just the support my being needed when grappling with the change, uncertainly and deep transformation triggered by my move to Albuquerque.

Shortly afterwards, I spontaneously started ordering bottles and bottles of them; creating my own custom mixes using intuitive guidance. They nourished me through many an emotional crisis like the loss of beloved pets, changes in relationships and navigating difficult work situations. They have supported the physical realignment of my body when I have been in accidents, thrown out my lower back and SI joint, or simply overdid it during a yoga class. In other words, they continuously support me in moving into alignment with my highest good!

Eventually, I started making custom mixes for clients to support their transformational process; they quietly and easefully removed fear and resistance and opened clients to new possibilities. I discovered I was quite the alchemist; my inner wizard delighted with the creations and results!

A few weeks ago, as I enthusiastically responded “I’m in!” to participating in the Happiness Holiday Fair,I found myself typing that I would be selling Flower Essence Mixes at the Fair. Oh S&%#T, I thought! REALLY??? I promptly contacted Molly, the human angel and alchemist at GHF, to explore this possibility and found an entire angelic and elemental realm of support!

As a result…drum roll, please….I am delighted to announce the launch of Emilah’s Essences! A line of essences to AWAKEN your INTUITION and support your TRANSFORMATION.

They’ll be making their debut at the Happiness Holiday Fair at the Source for Creating Sacredness.

Friday, Nov 25th: 4 to 8 PM
Saturday, Nov 26th: 10 AM to 2 PM

Friday, Dec. 16th: 4 to 8 PM
Saturday, Dec. 17th: 10 AM to 2 PM

November 25th & 26th, come on down and take your pick from these lovely creations:



In December, these lovelies will make their debut:



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