Sliding Scales and other Sneaky Stuff

A marketing coach asked me today: “What’s with the sliding scale?”  “How does that work?” I figured since she had this question, most of the people checking out my website would, too.  So here’s the deal:

Offering intuitive sessions and tarot readings on a sliding scale is a tool designed to help you practice using your intuition.

Most of us run around living out stories we tell ourselves about money.  In relation to sliding scales, one story might sound like Jane’s:

I really value the support I’m receiving from Emilah, but things are tight.   Next month is likely to be tougher.  I had better pay the lowest amount.”  Pan out to Jane in other situations…she always pays the lowest amount or negotiates for reduced rates even when she actually CAN afford the higher amounts (not that she always can).

Or maybe your story is more like Katy’s:This ROCKED!  I’m going to pay her the max (even though I’ll have to put it on an already almost maxed out credit card and I don’t have much of an income) because I feel soooo much better.”

You get the point…we all have stories around money.  You may have one of these or another one altogether. Whatever your story, I want you to know this:

The point of offering a sliding scale is to bring you face to face with these stories.

To allow you the opportunity to breath through them, quiet the mental chatter, and reveal the habitual responses and emotions that fuel them.

It’s an opportunity for you to hear what your entire being (heart, intellect, body, spirit, etc.) KNOWS is the optimal amount for you to pay and for me to receive.

It’s an opportunity for you to trust your knowing – and act on it – without intellectually knowing the consequences or outcome.

This, my friend, is faith.  And living with faith, like using your intuition, takes practice. So next time you are faced with a sliding scale, practice.


p.s. I no longer offer sliding scales.  I have kept this post active because the lesson embedded in it is valuable with any sliding scale.


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  1. Thank you for this Blog…I so resonate with your words. We are activated to do our work when one is empowered to follow their inner guidance or thoughts. There the work begins.