Once Upon a Time…A Tale of Integration.

Once upon a time I described myself as an energy healer and intuitive. I saw clients on a fairly regular basis doing intuitive readings and hands-on energy work.  My energetic gifts tend toward supporting people in transforming emotional & behavioral patterns that no longer serve their highest good, and supporting people in taking action from their inner knowing.

I can serve as a clear channel (meaning I can get my ego-self out of the way), allowing Source energy to flow through my hands and into the client’s energy body. Once there, my client’s being determines how Source energy is best used to support her healing and transformation.  This often includes neuropathway re-wiring, energy body alignment and similar processes that allow her to fully release patterns that no longer serve her and embrace ones that do.

While quite “successful” in this practice, I found the work unfulfilling over the long term.  Why?  Because the trend in energy healing and intuitive work is for clients to turn their power over to the “healer”; wanting me to fix their problem without applying their own consciousness to the issue. I believe that over the long haul, a person’s willingness to claim responsibility for their own health and well-being (which may include working with someone who taps into Source energy) allows for empowered and lasting transformation. (Can you discern the subtle difference?)

When I got clear about this, I took a break from my practice to begin training as a coach. The coaching path is an integrative one for me; it allows me to use my energetic and intuitive gifts, honor my passion for psychological and spiritual development, and engage my love of guiding others in how to hear their intuition and take aligned action based on what they know.  Coaching allows the client to direct their own transformation, while I guide and support them.

Yet I had one client who persisted in requesting energetic work. Over the last several years, she contacted me once or twice a year for an energetic tune-up, and I agreed to see her.  This year, she came right after New Years’.  A day after the session, she called to let me know how much better she was feeling (physically & emotionally) and to express gratitude for the gifts I offer.  This got me thinking…

Why was I willing to continue working with her but not others? I realized how much I enjoyed the work we did and the reconnection to the purity of energetic healing modalities because she did not give her power away to me.  She simply acknowledged that I had some gifts that could support her healing and was willing to act on that knowing. Another thought arose…

If I am gifted and the work is satisfying, why do I bury the energetic healing work in coaching sessions? Don’t get me wrong; I am clear with all prospective clients about the integration of energy work, intuition and coaching in sessions.  Yet somehow, that wasn’t enough.

A few days later I found myself adding Energy Body Alignment to my website’s menu of services.  While I see my primary role as an intuitive coach, offering hands-on (or distance) energy work a la carte to people who take responsibility for their health and well-being allows me to show up in my practice more whole, integrated and aligned.

So, along this theme of integration, integrity, and taking aligned action in this New Year, consider these questions…

  • What activities (or gifts) that bring you a sense of fulfillment have you marginalized (banished or buried)?
  • What is the story you are telling yourself about them?  Is it true?
  • Which ones are you called to re-integrate this New Year?
  • How might you re-integrate them (take aligned action) so that they are sustainable?
  • What part of you do you need to call forth to make your most aligned and satisfying contribution?

Enjoy the inquiry!  And contact me if you would like some support, I’m enrolling new clients!  😉

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