Cultivating Inner Light

About 3 months ago I began attending 2-3 classes a week at Bhava, an Anusara Yoga studio here in Albuquerque.  I had practiced and taught Anusara at Yoga Oasis from 1998-2004, but had chosen an Ayur-yoga teacher when I moved to Albuquerque.  A few months after that teacher moved away, I found myself chanting the Anusara invocation when I sat to meditate; eventually I figured “Why not go to a class?”

It has been inspiring to witness my body re-learn the principles of alignment, loops and spirals, and tantric philosophy underlying Anusara Yoga.  I can feel myself getting stronger and my body realigning itself to carrying more light similar to the way it did years ago when I first started practicing this form of yoga.  Years ago, however, I came face-to-face with a lifelong depression when I started doing yoga, my being’s way of clearing me out to carry more light.

This week I decided to give myself a yoga retreat right in the middle of my life – a class every day for three weeks allowing one day off each week if I really needed a rest.

Woman standing on top of mountain doing yoga meditation. Stormy

It has been amazing to witness how quickly my body has adjusted to this – it really likes to be used!  Yet even more amazing is the change in my mood. I am much calmer.  Very little seems to upset me.  I am laughing more, connecting with others, and generally being in the world with a clarity and steadfastness that allows for an abundance of inner and outer freedom.  I’m noticing a greater ability to be with what is – the fullness of love, abundance, creativity, and friendship.

I’ve also noticed that after morning classes with Bea, I am often inspired to come home and write blog entries.  The creativity just flows – often stimulated by the theme she chooses for class.   This morning, the theme was prakasha – inner light, clarity.

Curious how much brighter my inner light is when I am doing a regular, challenging yoga practice in community with others. I am able to offer my gifts more fully to the world.  I am able to be with what is with clarity and contentment.  My coaching clients benefit for sure, but so does my partner, the people with whom I share the yoga space, and even the people I interact with at the grocery store!

My challenge to you today: Start a practice or activity that cultivates your inner light!

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  1. Hi Emilah,

    I enjoyed reading your blog! What a journey you are on! I am glad to be a part of it!!